Monday, October 28, 2013

How to Cut a Watermelon

It's October, and there are still watermelons in Houston, Texas.  I'm here helping my sister and her husband, as you may remember from recent posts, but here's something new: One of my duties is being the official watermelon cutter.  While I was preparing the latest melon, I decided to share my cutting method with you.  Slicing a watermelon is super simple for some people.  For others of us, it's kind of intimidating... until now.

Step 1: Slice the melon in half.

This just makes the thing more manageble, and that's important when you consider the size of your knife and the fondness you have for keeping your fingers intact.

Step 2: Slice the end off of one half, and turn the melon on its fat end. (For a base)

Here, I'm using the Large Cutting Board with the juice well side facing up.  Notice what I'm not using... layers of newspaper.  That's the 7" Santoku Knife from the Forged Cutlery Collection, by the way.

Step 3: Follow the curve of the melon with your knife, and slice the rind away, one piece at a time.

That's right - Get in there, and enjoy not wasting all the pink stuff.

See what you end up with?  A huge, pink mountain of delicious watermelon.

Step 4: Slice the mountain in half, and dice it however you see fit.  Then do the same with the other half.

We all have our own preferences.  I prefer small pieces of watermelon I can easily fit in a bowl, but you might be a fork and knife kind of eater.  This is where you can get crazy and do whatever you want!

Step 5: Repeat with the other watermelon half.

It's this easy.  Notice in this picture how the Large Cutting Board has caught the juice.  You know what else this piece did?  It kept my watermelon from sliding around!  That's pretty important because this knife is huge and sharp.  Again, I used the Large Cutting Board, the 7" Santoku Knife, and that huge bowl that held everything? That's one of the Stainless Mixing Bowls.

Enjoy your October watermelon if you're in Houston!  If not, I trust that you'll keep this post for Memorial Day, 2014!

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